"Neglecting the educational needs of children amounts to destroying a nation; for children of today will become the nation of tomorrow."

-Hazrat Musleh Maud (r.a)


My two grandsons Samir and Amir had the chance to attend Tahir Academy. Samir already graduated last year and Amir is still attending the 6th level. It has let them become real knowledgeable Ahmadi Members. They are offering prayers regularly. Amir has become an excellent speaker. I am fortunate that my Jama'at has provided this kind of facility in this worldly westernized society. I am a proud grandparent of Samir and Amir and a member of Ahmadiyya Jama'at.
Tahir Academy continues to have a positive impact on Laurel and Silver Spring Jama'ats, as a mechanism for bringing the members of the 2 Jama'ats together, as well as enhancing the attendance at various events. We have experienced better coordination of events, and improved intermixing of children from the 2 Jama'ats, as well. All in all a great improvement.
Alhamdulillah, It is a humbling experience to serve as the Vice Principal of Tahir academy Chicago East. There is an earnest desire among parents to impart religious training in kids. We have a great team of dedicated teachers. Children are excited to attend classes each week as well. We are seeing the formation of brotherhood and sisterhood bonds among children from a tender age, which will Insha’Allah, strengthen over time.
Since it's establishment nationwide, I've had the privilege to directly serve four different Tahir Academies over the last 3 years. The impact a unified institution like Tahir Academy has on our Ahmadi children is beyond words.  I've seen graduates who enjoyed the experience so much that they continued to sneak in to classes and pretend as if they were still students. I've seen graduates return and volunteer themselves to serve as assistants for the Academy. I see the future leaders of Jama`at-e-Ahmadiyyat developing before our very eyes.
Tahir Academy is indeed a blessing for our young Nasirat and Atfal, including all those who are Waqfeen and Waqifaat-e-Nau. The impressive feature is that the administrators and teachers are both men and women,and they work closely with the parents. They meet regularly, discuss the challenges, and come with solutions all together. May Allah bless this institution, and He be our help in bring up the young generation to serve His faith most diligently! Ameen!
We are a humble Jama'at of 150 members and when we started discussing the need for Tahir Academy, we felt that we did not have enough resources and students to have a formal Tahir Academy structure. Once we started, I feel that we should have had Tahir Academy established long time ago. It has brought a lot of energy in the Jama'at, parents and students.
I see young boys and girls coming to the Mosque in the morning for Tahir Academy. I see them running from the parking lot with their bags. I see the children sitting in the classes, raising their hands to answer the questions. I see them rushing out of the class for their break, excited and enjoying their snacks. All of a sudden the quietness in the Mosque is replaced by their joyous laughter and bouncing of the basketballs.
We are THANKFUL for Tahir Academy for teaching us ARABIC , HISTORY,  ISLAM & RESPECT
Tahir Academy teaches kids a lot of things which we did not know. The best part is that it's not boring and is in a fun environment. Tahir Academy also has different subjects which is good. The classes are very interactive.

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